U Cook – Making Meal Times Even Simpler.

September 20, 2016

Do you *heart* to cook? Enjoy coming up with new recipes & having the smell of herbs & spices wafting through your kitchen? Relaxing. Cooking can be relaxing. Unfortunately, for most of us, that isn’t the perfect kitchen scene that happens during the week. Having to shop for ingredients adds extra time & effort to the day – especially in Joburg, the last thing you feel like doing is making a detour to the shops after work in peak hour traffic. No. No thank you.


If the above scenario sounds like your worst nightmare, then you will like (really like) what I’m about to tell you. Imagine a recipe book that delivers all the ingredients you need to cook every recipe in it, straight to your door. Fabulous, right? Well dinner kit delivery service, U Cook, has turned this into a reality. The dinner is designed to help you learn how to cook healthy, gourmet meals, easily.

How does it work?

1. Simply visit the U Cook website once a week & select delicious meals from one of the three menus provided – Rustic, Low Carb or Vegetarian. Meals have been designed by top chefs, so you can be sure the flavours are hot (as in delicious!).

2. Choose how many portions of each dish you would like. You are even able to add a bottle or two of specially paired wine, if that’s the way you like to dine.

3. The U Cook team accurately measure the quantities which are then delivered, along with corresponding recipe cards, directly to your address, for you to get cooking in your home – minus the fuss of all that shopping.


U Cook sources top organic ingredients such as grass-fed beef & free-range eggs from local purveyors, as well as rural & urban farming projects. All in all, U Cook equals less fuss & less food wastage, two ingredients that make for the perfect evening dinner.

Happy U Cooking x

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