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That’s What She Said – Cupcake Queen & Maker of All Things Sweet – Yolandi Heyneke @LoveLifeCupcake

September 20, 2013

Salt loves salt – well obviously, but every now & then sweet notes are needed… It doesn’t get any better than @LoveLifeCupcake which is currently the ‘It Company’ in the Cape Town baking world. I had a sneaky Q&A (I actually just bombarded) the lovely Yolandi Heyneke, owner & baker of the increasingly popular Cape Town based *cupcakery* – Love Life Cupcakes.


PTS: Ola Yolandi! Welcome to the Salt! So go on… tell us how you fell head first into cupcake land? & on a level of ‘like to complete obsession’ – how much do you really love these little cakes?

LLC:  I lived in London for a long time & I always had a fascination for pretty little cakes, but they were mostly a let down in the taste department.  I knew that I would one day try & bake cakes that are not only pretty but also tasty. When I returned to SA I decided the time is now! 



PTS: Having a day job & a full time cupcake business must be tiring – how do you do it?!

LLC: *Giggle Giggle*….I’ve learned to operate on auto-pilot these past few years due to the lack of sleep! My body is used to only getting 4 – 5 hours. When it is extremely busy, I do get tired & have once or twice had a moment of throwing in the towel. BUT! I pull myself together & remember that I’m working towards my dream of doing this full time – one day.  I also have my lovely Mama helping me & spurring me on when it all gets too much.

PTS: What has been the biggest job to date?

LLC: 450 cupcakes a few years ago & 340 cake pops (Alice in Wonderland Themed) recently.  I still remember being frightened of baking a 100 cupcakes at a time back then – how things have changed! *damn guuuurl – you are a machine!*



PTS: We heard via the grapevine (love that grapevine!) that you are so much in like with the cupcake you even have a space on your arm dedicated to the mini cake… spill the sprinkles lady!

LLC: Trust you to ask me this, but secretly…super question!  I wanted something to represent my passion, but most cupcake tattoos I’ve seen are hideous!  A friend suggested I find someone to design something that isn’t so cupcake obvious. My cousin’s son who studied art designed my tat.  It says ‘Love Life’ – shaped like a cupcake. When I’m baking or making little deco bits & I spot my tattoo it warms my heart & reminds me of My Dream. * This is RAD on a high level*



PTS: If you could pick a rock star, any rock star to bake a specialty cake or cupcake – who would it be?

LLC: Neil from The Parlotones.  Like you, I love a bit of ginger & we all know local is lekker! *Faints at the thought of ginger*

PTS: What are your biggest cupcake sellers? What do you Luuuuuurve baking? & tell us a little bit about your cakes pops as well…

LLC: My red velvets & cappuccino cupcakes are always a hit! Possibly because they are my fave & I always try & convince clients to order them rather than vanilla or chocolate! I never get tired of making these & have also started doing big cakes – love baking my red velvet berry cake.

I pretty much started with cake pops because it was meant to be ‘the next cupcake’.  Most people don’t realise how much time goes into making these little cake bites, but they’re always a hit at parties & I like testing myself by trying different shapes & themes.






PTS: A hint or two for all the baby bakers out there? Share your wisdom wise baker….

LLC: Baking from scratch is ALWAYS better than pre-mixed /ready made stuff. I cringe when people tell me they’ve started baking & how easy it is with the pre-mixed /ready made goods on the market. The taste will never be the same! & remember – don’t be afraid to try something new or to alter a recipe slightly if it isn’t working for you.



PTS: Lastly…. any possibility of a salty kind of cupcake in the near future?

LLC: Hmmm…salted caramel cupcakes?! Yes? Yes! *So in like with this idea…*.

Thanks for the sweet banter Yolandi! Carry on baking guuuurl – you are living proof that hard work is key & one absolutely can live their food-filled dream.

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