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Because A Beer Yard Is A Beer Yard. Is A Beer Yard Named Stanley.

May 6, 2013

Where do the cool kids of Jozi hang out? The creatives who have a vibe of ‘we like to know about the sweet lil’ spots before all the other semi-cool kids arrive’ kind of crowd… Where do they go? Such a spot, such a spot would naturally be situated in town. In that 44 Stanley spot. Obviously such a spot of cool would involve craft beer. Obviously it would have the words beer yard in the establishment name. The Stanley Beer Yard @StanleyBeerYard. It would also have insane levels of boyish hipster decor charm – which I am obsessed with. As well as a sausage fest board *we’ll get to sausages later*.

Yes Thank You.

Stanley, oh Stanley. You make my heart go boom with beer & meaty delight. You really do. My next date will be at the Yard. I shall test the new boy:

1. To see if he can live up to the level of ‘I don’t try hard to show how kewl I really am’. 

2. To See how well he can handle his beer, sausage platter / prego roll combination.

3. To see how well he really appreciates a buffalo or kudu head being positioned up against a coloured wall with other various pieces. Appreciation of such a thing is of paramount importance – paramount.

*If you do all of these things new boy & re-fill my glass before it empties – I shall marry you & we can adopt babies together*.

But besides that, Stanley Beer Yard has that level of rad vibe that shows just how awesome Jozi really is. Some people rock up in the flannel & skinny jean attire, others show up in lederhosen – because they can. Anybody who is anybody has already got all up on that Twirrreer machine & made it known to the masses that they are in the beer school of kewl.

The Stanley Beer Yard also realises that after ‘one or two’ people sometimes need direction & instruction in their life – I know I do. That’s why they have made life simple by having “Order At Bar” stamped onto most wooden surfaces *I love instruction & I shall do as I’m told*.

So what does this blog post aim to achieve? Well… if you wanna be hanging with the Jozi ‘it craft beer crowd’ – go to Stanley Beer Yard. If you want to indulge in a wooden board fest of sausage delight – go to Stanley Beer Yard *who doesn’t like a sausage selection? Tell me who?* If you just want to do something a little rad & look at pretty non-pretty surroundings – go to Stanley Beer Yard. Oh & If you also just love getting crafty – go to Stanley Beer Yard. *Steph Weiss you are allowed to become friends with my face – always*.

Life is good in Jozi Town. It really is.

To smack some sausage in your face & get all crafty: 44 Stanley, Milpark, Jozi Town
Oi Geezer, give us a number. OK: 011 482 5791
Check out The Book:

Open: Tuesday – Thursday: 2pm – 11pm

Friday – Sunday: 11am – 11pm 

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