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Take Me To Your Vegan Leader

April 23, 2014

The [V] word. The [V]ee word. The [V] monologues. No. Not that kind of monologue. Think of that other word… the [V]egan one. Oh. *silence*. Why is it that some people automatically throw the same boring remarks out when said [V] word springs into the con[V]ersation? Like: “a life without bacon. Is that even a life worth living?”. Oh dear. How [V]ery original. Also – all a bit dull.

I’ve been dipping my toe into the [V] world, finding my feet, slowly realising that despite me thinking I know a fair amount, I really know very little. There’s a real art in creating a plate of food the masses (yes, even the carnivores) would tuck into, minus any of the {B} words – bacon & butter.

Saturday spontaneity is a good life philosophy to have, particularly on long weekends. Sidekick surprised me with a lunchtime visit to what was already his favourite Jozi restaurant. Leafy Greens Café, not only do you make my favourite Leb guy super happy (which already makes me happy), you quickly recruited a new fan – you are now my best best. I’m very much in like with you. Crushing, hard. And this is why…




  • A twenty five minute drive to Muldersdrift from Linden means you are close. A drive works well with the whole Saturday spontaneity vibe & who doesn’t love getting out of the city? If only for a little while.
  • Vegan & raw food has never seen such a selection. Stuffed peppers with brown rice – where & what? No. Instead, think brown rice moussaka (sweet vegan cheeses – I could easily eat my body weight in the stuff). But we’ll get back to all the treats in a bit…
  • Eating locally & sustainably – where most of the produce is grown on the premises – happy eating, happy heart (I think).
  • The setting, well how lovely. Saturday was showing off just a little bit – sunshine, fresh air & being allowed to roam around the property at leisure after an energizing juice revival – special.


  • The price is right – considering the ridiculous amount of cash we reluctantly forked out at another restaurant the Leb & I had visited in the same week… The food was dismal, an embarrassment to restaurant culture in general… Leafy Greens – you are a culinary leader in your field & I would easily pay double for the graze we chowed – easily.


What’s Good?

  • All of it. But go on a public holiday or Saturday & you can tuck into the Buffet – R120 for a large plate – don’t be shy, most plates are piled sky high (mine was… I ate more than the boyfriend – as usual).


  • Dehydrated falafel, quinoa salad & that bloody delicious raw pizza – sprouted, dehydrated buckwheat & flax base, topped with homemade raw, Napoli sauce, marinated veggies & tree nut cheese.


  • The Green Juice – invigoration in a glass. I felt all sorts of buzzy afterwards – in a good way.
  • Rice paper rolls, with brown or raw ‘veg’ rice & chopped vegetables. Served with home-made ginger, wasabi & sweet chilli tamari dipping sauce.



  • There was so much more on offer, apart from all of that…

I’m not going to waffle on about all the other things that take place at Leafy Greens Café – but there is more – like the cooking courses, which I plan on attending.

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