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I Stuck My Finger In The *Pot* Luck Club

October 23, 2013

I’ve been in lovely (c)Ape Town for 7 days now… I’m already exhausted. Last Friday saw the food masses descend on the Galliova Awards – that’s the biggie Food Writing & Styling Awards on the SA scene & the reason why I’m in my homeland city. Eating, drinking, walking, running, catching taxis – the usual. I was excited for The Pot Luck Club though… The lovely Francesca had booked weeks back, as soon as she knew I’d be in the land of rock & sea…

Bless those sweet friends of mine – a girls night at The Pot Luck Club was arranged *no boys allowed!* – we were planning on chowing in a big way & hey, wait, hold on – the sneaky little buggers had arranged a little birthday celebration of sorts for me- presents & good grub & beer in pretty glasses – I felt special – I really did. Luke Dale Roberts baby eatery was just so right for the occasion *hi-5’s all round*


ImageImageSo Pot Luck was pumping – naturally. We were in the second sitting & well… we spotted the little piggy tails on that menu – yes please, do they come in buckets of 100? No. They wouldn’t because it isn’t that kind of establishment – behave Leila, behave. Francesca took charge of the ordering & well… yes – everything was rather heavenly. Moroccan Lamb Rib, Crispy Piggy Tails, Chargrilled Prawns & others – food coma glory. Because one must at least ‘try to try’ everything when sampling Asian & other influenced tapas style nibbles. I also just like the logo – period. The Pot Luck Club also encourages the old art form of handwriting – yes, you do actually place pencil to paper & jot down what it is you would like to chow. My scrawl – not good. The help of our friendly waiter to decipher said scrawl & make sure we got what we ordered – bless that man.

ImageThank you to my lovelies – @FrancescaTig , @Juana_Pye , @MandyDeFreitas & Marika aka Rikels. I love you as much as I love those bloody delicious crispy tails – that’s a lot of love ladies – mucho love.

Follow on the Twitter machine on @PotLuckClubCT

OR just *ring ring* them & book waaaaay in advance -here >> 021 447 0804

Skip to the Old Biscuit Mill (because that’s where they are) >> 6th Floor, Old Silo, Biscuit Mill – 373-375, Albert Road, Woodstock, (c)Ape Town

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