Cheese Board Goals Ahead: How To Create The Ultimate Cheese Platter.

November 30, 2019

Tis the season to be cheesy, tra la la la laaaaa! Can you believe that we’ve cruised into the festive season already?! I can’t but I’m ho ho ho, so ready for it (guys, I’m a mother, I tell lame mom jokes each and everyday). And with all of that merriment comes a certain understanding that soon, oh so soon,  school holiDAZE and some much needed relaxation time, aka, cheesy indulgence will begin. Nope, I’m not talking Boney M cheeeeeeze (I love Boney M just by the way). No, I’m talking about indulging in a lush, yet healthy cheese platter, or grazing board or better yet – ULTIMATE CHEESEBOARD GOALS! What could be better for a spot of Al Fresco dining than a gorgeous cheese board that 1.) Will have your Instagram followers liking like they’ve never liked before and 2.) making sure that the fezzie entertaining is easy and stress-free.

I popped into my local Food Lover’s Market to collect a few cheesy goods (I got a little carried away but I think you’ll agree that the final product was worth it)… Everything and I mean everything (Scandi-inspired Christmas decor and all) was purchased from Food Lover’s Market.

Ok, ready to create cheeseboard magic? Here are a few easy steps to creating my ultimate (yet healthy!) Cheese Board:

  • Choose a good board or surface. I used a lovely wooden board that we had received as a wedding favour a few years back – somebody else’s love fest turned into our very own cheese fest.
  • Don’t sweat the neatness of it all, I prefer an abundant looking board, allow things to spill over the side and don’t worry about piles of goods sitting too closely to one another – it’s all super trendy ta the moment.
  • Mix and match the same ingredient in various forms; I used both fresh and dried peaches (keep the stones in the fruit, it adds to the overall texture of the board and it just looks darn pretty too).
  • Add different sizes and shapes of crackers, some fruit and some veg. Ditch the tiresome crudites and opt for some whole green beans (means less time cutting and prepping little sticks), and don’t forgot some tomatoes on the vine for a subtle pop of red.
  • Goodbye cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce bowls, hello smooooooth hummus!
  • Now, onto the cheeses, pick whatever you like. I prefer to have a mix of something a lil’ stronger (a glorious Simonzola was chosen for this), a sweet and nutty Emmental and some neutral cream cheese wedges.

A few bonus ideas to make your cheese board create even more of a convo starter when entertaining:

  1. I wrapped my wedges in some baking paper, tied with string and stuck a few sprigs of fresh thyme into the situation – basically, an edible little present for guests!
  2. Hello little rosemary wreaths, hello! What’s a festive cheese platter without a wreath? These are so easy to make and look great.
  3. Don’t forget to add a few sprigs of fresh herbs into the mix, it’s an easy way to up the pretty.
  4. Oh and lastly, as you can see, I stuck to a Veeeeery neutral and natural colour palette (my fave). 

Side note: I did a little upcycling and made use of my avocado punnets as styling accessories (so handy and nifty), as well as some Scandi-style Christmas trees from good ol’ egg cartons. It’s the small touches.

Happy Cheese Board Making! x 

*Post sponsored by Food Lover’s Market. I received a Food Lover’s Market voucher to purchase the goods used in this post. All opinions are my own*

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