Breakfast Bowls & Breakfast Goals.

May 28, 2016

The best part about breakfast food for me, is when I get to eat it at any other mealtime other than breakfast. The level of delicious somehow increases. But that’s just how I see it. Eggs (perfectly fried – it’s an art). Bacon (Crispy). Fresh vine tomatoes (Sweet, yet savoury). Spring onions (because they are completely delicious with everything). Coriander (or some sort of herb – freshness). Then there’s the seasoning… Freshly ground black pepper. Salt. Oh, the salt. Sea salt flakes – of course.


These elements come together to create a perfect Breakfast Bowl, which in turn, means your Breakfast Goals should be sorted for the day. The only thing that could possibly let the team down – a badly fried egg. *Don’t ruin the egg*

Here are a few tips to remember the next time you crack an egg into a pan (the rest is easy) Side note that is really that much of a side note (My version of the prefect fried egg has crispy edges, a set white & a runny (yet cooked) yolk :

  • Heat a non-stick cast iron pan over a high heat.
  • Add a combination of olive oil & butter & wait for the sizzle.
  • Crack the egg. Lower the heat.
  • Start spooning the hot fat over the white until it has set. By this stage, those edges should be wonderfully golden & crisp.

Happy egg frying! x

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