The Ultimate Holiday Vegetarian Feast Platter

November 27, 2017

If like me, you are about to have people over for the holidays or even just for Christmas Day, and if the stress of meal planning and, well, planning of all sorts in general isn’t enough to scare you into action, make a cup of tea, relax, we’ve got this covered. Well, I’ll certainly have it covered (as will you) thanks to a few nifty tricks I have up my sleeve. Scratch that. My bag of tricks are mostly thanks to Fry’s and the amazing stash of goodies they sent my way! Thank you for stocking up my freezer Fry’s – the family has been LOVING all of the vegetarian and vegan treats!

But back to that POA… As we know, any sort of entertaining or cooking on my part has to be relaxed and easy. If it ranks high on the pretty scale, well that’s an added bonus. That’s why I threw together this fabulous Holiday Feast Platter, I knew it would be making a reappearance on Christmas Day. The Fry’s Meat Free Chicken Style Nuggets are the star of the show. Crispy, golden and delicious – it paired so well with the rest of the goodies I added to the mix.

What you will need: 

  • Fry’s Meat Free Chicken Style Nuggets, cooked according to package instructions  
  • Store-bought falafel 
  • Store-bought humus 
  • Cocktail wraps 
  • Green melon 
  • Strawberries 
  • Pickled jalapeños 
  • Fresh mozzarella, sliced 
  • Fresh basil 

I griddled the cocktail wraps and folded them onto toothpicks. Yup, toothpicks made a comeback in my food repertoire and I think they work really nicely in this mix. The melon was cubed and also received the same toothpick action. The humus was drizzled with olive oil and some smoked paprika and everything else was placed onto the lovely large, wooden serving board.

Easy. Pretty. Delicious. Did I mention easy?

Happy Holiday Platter Feasting! x

*Fry’s frozen products, sponsored by Fry’s*

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