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Two Of The Best Padstals In The Western Cape: Die Pampoenstalletjie & Affie Plaas

February 14, 2020

We had an amazing little family getaway towards the end of December, the first one as a family of four. It was all very last minute and we really couldn’t have asked for a better (read smoother) family holiday with the kids. We stayed in McGregor, so we decided to explore the area which included Robertson and discovered two of the cutest Padstals on the R60 in the Breede Valley. I’m a sucker for a Padstal, it’s such a nostalgic South African childhood memory. The first on the list is an Instagram dream – literally. The second has a completely different atmosphere and unfortunately they had pretty strict rules of no photography inside the premises – padstal idea theft, perhaps?! So if you are reading this from outside of South Africa and are like, “what is a padstal??” Read below…

Padstal – a farm stall selling local produce.


Padstal Number One: Die Pampoenstalletjie on the R60, Breede Valley

The cutest little Padstal there ever was, say hello to Die Pampoenstalletjie, situated about 15km’s before you hit Robertson. As mentioned above – an absolute Instagram dream, the outside of the little stal is decorated with hundreds of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, a rainbow of pumpkin colour. If that sight doesn’t cause you to take a turn off the highway, I don’t know what will. After a few many pictures, it was time to discover what was waiting inside… a time machine, an absolute time machine – we’ll get to that in a minute. There is a sign that makes it very clear that if taking pictures, a donation is expected. This goes towards helping local children in the area, so if you do visit and fill up your Instagram feed with this treasure, please remember to slip something into the donation jar. Back to that time machine…

An enclosed stoep houses a mass of hanging picnic baskets. An old-fashioned melamine kitchen table and chair set makes you feel like you’ve set foot in Ouma’s kombuis. My stylist eyes couldn’t get enough of it all. A few steps inside and a vintage looking sweet shop is waiting – big glass jars filled with sweeties from your childhood, think of those big orange apricot sweets, Champion toffee squares, sweetie necklaces, sherbert balls, marshamllow ice-cream cones – the list is endless. Sweet little rag dolls sit pretty on cane baskets, bowls of marbles, spinning tops¬† and wooden pistols keep the dolls company. Walk a little further into the stall and it looks like your granny’s house – cupbaords are filled with preserves of all varieties; guavas, quince, peaches, apricots, jams and chutneys. Granny or Ouma hangers (not sure what else to call them really) hang in cupboards – you know the brightly coloured crocheted and knitted variety? Rows of spice grinders sit on shelves and Lion match boxes are placed inside open drawers. A stack of crocheted pampoene are hard to miss, I was so tempted to buy one. Oh and the rows of enamel goods – the stylist in me couldn’t resist and I prop shopped pretty hard. Postcards and old-fashioned South African style tuck shop fudge was all waiting to be bought. The outside pumpkins are for sale, I couldn’t resist two little cream ones – they’re beyond adorable. Where’s a Halloween shoot when you need one?

Die Pampoenstalletjie is an absolute must-stop. There are also photocopied pieces of paper with the tannie who owns the stores recipe for Pampoen Tert – take and bake. Stop for a cup of tea, or better yet, moer koffie and a pampoen muffin with konfyt while in pampoen paradise.

Padstal Number Two: Affie Plaas on the R60, Breede Valley

A few kilometers on from that sweet little pampoen place you’ll reach number two on this list – Affie Plaas. Visitors are greeted by massive hay people (they aren’t really scarecrows but they are giant – the perfect family road trip image). I was SUPER excited to add to my Padstal imagery for the day – Instagram was going to love me! Was, it was going to love me… Affie Plaas has even stricter rules about photography in their store – NO PHOTOGRAPHY. WHAT?! Ugh, totally bummed. The images I have are all taken before you enter the store – so no rebel padstal moves on my part.

But if you’re in this area take note of what Affie Plaas has to offer:

  • A gorgeous fresh fruit and veg section – I grabbed a massive amount of fresh cherries and some farm fresh mielies too – how lovely do the mielies look?
  • A boozy section because, well, wine not, this is wine country after all. A selection of other local spirits are also on offer.
  • Locally produced soaps and moisturisers.
  • A massive selection of baked goods: rusks, biscuits, cookies and tarts.
  • An array of preserves, chutneys, jams, fruit, chili sauces, olive oil and vinegars.
  • There is even a coffee station (good coffee!) and they make the most delicious fresh juices – think spanspek, watermelon, pear, apple and grape.
  • You’ll be so inspired by seeing all of those rusks and baked goods, you’ll start thinking that you need to bake some of your own when you get home. Not to worry, Affie Plaas sells old-fashioned rusk and fudge pans too, as well as various enamel ware and very crafty little goods, like decoupage trays and what not.
  • Be sure to grab a Farm Loaf on your way out, as well as one or two of their super famous pies: venison and red wine, beef, steak and kidney and curry. They were delicious.

So very sorry that there were no images for Number Two but I am not one to break Padstal rules. Nope, too terrified I’ll be banned and word will spread to the others. I’ll be updating this list within the year as we have a few more road trips planned within the coming months.

Happy Padstal Visiting x



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