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Things To Do In Joburg: The Stables Village Market

July 10, 2016

On Saturday I was in need of a spot where my Baby Bun could run. Run off as much energy as he could before his afternoon nap. Easier said than done in the concrete jungle that is Joburg. But. It just so happened that Saturday was also the Grand Opening of The Stables Village Market in Chartwell. Perfect. Hello new destination for all the tired parents. Hello foodie space.

The Stables 4

The Stables 8

The Stables 7

The Stables 3

The Stables are located just past Broadacres – it makes a welcome addition to the market scene for those invested in the Fourways side of the city (there’s so much more to Joburg than just Greenside, Parkhurst & Parktown North). What an absolute gem this new spot turned out to be. And as the name suggests – the venue is an old stable yard that’s received a makeover & been converted into something to keep the foodie masses happy. A venue big enough to host the hordes of Joburgers who will soon enough start flocking through it’s doors. There’s a fine selection of eateries that are now making their home at this new foodie location. Everything from Latin American cuisine, to gourmet sushi, pulled pork buns, a hole in the wall store dedicated to all things Banting, as well as a proper little farm stall selling preserves, freshly baked breads, meat & more. You can even collect your meat, ready-prepared, packed & marinaded for the braai. There’s also a darling little cheese store, serving up all sorts of local & artisanal cheeses.

The Stables 5

The Stables 1

Pony rides (naughty Shetland ponies included) keep the little ones entertained. A stage that has now become home for local blues & jazz singers, artists & performers (the music was such a treat, I wish I could remember the name of the singer). Sunshine, hay bails, craft beer & the scent of a delicious farm stew cooking away on a coal stove was enough of a reason for me to want to pay a return visit the following Saturday. *Yup, there was a pot of stew just simmering away in a black cast iron pot, on a coal stove, waiting to be eaten.* I even managed a selfie (the sunshine made me do it & yes, I do look grumpy but I wasn’t – tired mom eyes, that’s all).

The Stables 2

The Stables 6

The Stables 10

I have a feeling The Stables will be giving the Fourways Farmer’s Market & Bryanston Organic Market a run for it’s money soon enough.

Side note: The market is also hound friendly. My Ashie Bun made a new friend out of a golden lab. Looks like we’ll have to get a dog soon.

The Stables Village Market is open Tuesday – Sunday. Closed on Monday.

3rd Street, Chartwell (Off Cedar Road, Broadacres), Johannesburg

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