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July 12, 2013
This week Pass The Salt had a few chit chat moments with another Leila. Yes, I said another Leila – same spelling & all! A friend of mine in Cape Town actually passed me onto Leila’s Twitter account – she thought I would 1. enjoy following another Leila (I do) & 2. absolutely go slightly mental over all her beautiful hand-crafted products. I did – I fell hard… The fact that Leila’s store is called Bow Peep… well I was sold & thought others would probably be as well… I knew Leila had quite a bit on her plate at the moment (Twitter) but I pounced & threw a few questions her way – she obliged – in pure Bow Peep style! OK, here we go…  
Q: Leila… a good strong name – always a pleasure to meet another! Welcome to Pass The Salt! You obviously have a thing for buttons, beautifully crafted stationary & all things excessively creative – how did you get into all of this action?
A: Hi Leila! I just like saying that… I’ve always loved making things, especially accessories, it’s something I’ve been doing since I was a kid & I’ve always had a thing for stationery – it’s my dream to open a stationery shop but Typo kind of killed the market. When I was younger I also usually had about three businesses on the go at one time. I would make things & sell them at school fairs & to my neighbours. *wish I’d been your neighbour!*
Q: So a typical creative work day would mean what?
A: I work from home which means I just have to travel upstairs to get to my office. I usually start my day with some admin, replying to emails, some general procrastination on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. I then get orders ready to be posted & head off to the post office to drop off stock at shops I supply. I usually spend the afternoon making stock in my studio.
Q: Starting a small business takes quite a bit of chutzpa – what gave you the push to strive forward with it all?
A: I graduated in the middle of a recession so finding a nice job (or a any job for that matter) was really hard. I was working/being exploited as an intern & really hated it so I decided to start Bow Peep & work for myself. I did it out of necessity at the time. *hats off to you – seriously*
Q: Bow Beep is the name of your little creative baby – if Bow Beep had a superhero power – what would it be?
A: To rid the world of ugly accessories?! Does that count as a superhero power? *that counts in Pass The Salt land – it counts!*
Q: Word on the street… What’s next on the creative cards for Leila & Bow Peep? There was mention of something called the Shoestring Collective… Go on – share!
A: Yeah the Shoestring Collective is a pop-up shop that I opened on the 8th of July in the Gardens Centre. A collaboration with over 16 other designers. It is a way for us to keep busy in winter when sales are traditionally really slow. We sometimes get tired of sitting around markets on weekends trying to push our stuff. It will  be open for a month & we’ll have some awesome things for sale.
Q: If one Leila (me) was to possibly follow another Leila (you) around CT on say a Saturday… Where would you be? Do you have a favourite place to grab a coffee on the go? & would you be wearing a sensible cardigan in this cold weather?
A: Firstly, yes I would probably be wearing a sensible cardigan because I own about 50. What I do on a Saturday usually depends on what I do on a Friday night (hehe). I had to think about this question for a while because I never have a typical Saturday but I usually sit around catching up on some series watching in the morning & then head off to the shops or go to a market for lunch. In the evening I usually meet up with friends for supper or to watch a band play. *this all sounds like sensible Leila type stuff to do – I approve!*

Q: Those button earrings of yours are precious – how do you keep coming up with such insanely rad ideas for them?
A: The ideas just kind of happen. That’s a terrible answer but I either come up with ideas for products while I’m in a fabric shop looking for new patterns or messing around in the studio. I have a lot of ideas that land up in the reject box & never get seen by anyone.
Q: Finally… if you had to choose… which could you simply not do without – Facebook or Instagram?
A: Ooo…I don’t know… I love Instagram  but Facebook is still great for keeping in touch with friends & stalking people. I can’t choose, sorry! *that’s OK – you were just being tested – I wouldn’t want to do without either one. & one must stalk every now & then… one must!*
Thanks for the chats Leila – next time it will be done over copious cups of tea & biscuits – all very Leila things to do really – while wearing our sensible cardigans.
To take a squizz at all the insane rad hand-crafted, Bow Peep goods, simply *click click* here:
Follow Leila on the Twirreeeerr @LeilaBadsha
Bow Peep @ShopBowPeep
For all Shoestring Collective – @TSC_PopUpShop

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