Blog Policy

Just a few things. I’ll try and make it quick…

Sharing is Caring (Copyright): Images & content of Pass The Salt Blog belong solely to Leila Saffarian of – please request permission before making use of any content. Please do credit Pass The Salt accordingly once written permission has been received.

Press releases: The chances of me posting a press release are slim to none. I also won’t create content about an event I wasn’t invited to (yes, some PR’s still do that). I write about experiences – so if I haven’t experienced a place / event / product, the chances of it appearing on this space are pretty minimal.

Media Drops: Always delightful – if applicable to my blog. It’s best to contact me first before sending goods. A media drop will not guarentee a blog post but could receive a mention on another social media platform (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook).

With Regards to “All The Delicious Things”: I will highlight when I have been invited by a particular establishment as their guest. A post will follow if what I experienced was something I feel Pass The Salt readers would want to experience for themselves. *Nobody likes to dine alone*