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Best Scones In Cape Town? The Scone Shack At Cape Point.

January 15, 2020

I’ve put together a little “To Do List” of things and places I’ve heard of that would be a nice trip or an activity to fill the weekend and take the kids along for the ride. The Scone Shack happened to be one of those places on the list. Set on Lalaphanzi, a small holding situated in Cape Point, the Scone Shack apparently bakes some of the best scones in Cape Town. The scones are baked in an old wood burning oven that helps achieve the most perfect scone crust. Best scones in Cape Town hey? We hadn’t been that side of the mountain in quite some time, so we bundled the kids into the car and headed towards Cape Point.

We were meeting friends of ours and their young’ins there. It was pretty straight forward to find once you punched the address into the Sat Nav and the drive towards that area has some of the best scenery around. You pass a lot of cyclists en route which naturally means a splurge of questions from the five year old about bicycles, of which I know nothing about. *Yay, fun* Anyway, we reached our destination and small holding it definitely was. Painted wheel barrows with a sign proudly announcing Scones & Tea lets you know that you’re at the right place. A short drive down a dusty path and you’ve arrived at the spot that bakes the best scones in Cape Town… Smoke could be seen wafting from a little shack / hut. Mismatched nik naks adorned the area, succulents too, there were so many succulents. Roaming chickens, pigs and dogs… We weren’t in Kansas (Cape Town City) anymore… We received a warm greeting and were ushered to the outer spot – well, outside, near a pond. The shack was filling up quite quickly and it was probably for the best to usher four adults and four children away from the other guests. Comfy hay bails were a good seating spot for the kids and we ordered a round of scones – cream and jam, coffee (plunger variety) and a freshly squeezed juice. I suppose one could say it was effortlessly shabby with a touch of boho chic, although, I don’t think that was ever intentionally considered.


The scones arrived quickly, warm and freshly baked, two in a portion. You could tell they had been baked in a wood burning oven – crisp crust and a fluffy inside. They almost had a smoky quality to them. They were delicious. Very, in fact. Freshly whipped cream and the jam… I honestly can’t remember what it was but it was a particular berry that had been foraged by the Scone Shack team. Can’t say it was my favourite taste but it wasn’t at all unpleasant and not overly sweet, which was good. The juice looked amazing, the coffee, well I’ve never been a fan of plunger but that’s just me, everybody else seemed pleased enough. The kids had a run around – a rather large rooster then gave them the run around, shame, not sure who was more traumatised, the cock or  the kids.

The Scone Shack team were nice enough to let me walk around and snap a few pictures before we headed off. They told me that they had suddenly become very busy – must be due to word on the baking street that the best scones in Cape Town are produced in a smoky little shack. Do I think it’s the best scone in Cape Town? I’m not sure… a second visit might be in order here. You can follow their story over on their Facebook page or Instagram feed. Oh, one last thing, a rather important thing, they accept Cash Only, so remember to stop and draw some moolah on your way.

Happy Scone Feasting x 

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