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Remo’s Libertà. Nelson Mandela Square.

November 30, 2015

I’ve written about the Remo’s brand before. I like Remo’s. The restaurant has always had a  good association with Pass The Salt. Nothing has changed about that.

About a week ago I attended the media launch of the latest addition to the Remo’s brand, Remo’s Libertà, situated in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City. As with all the Remo’s establishments, a theme for the restaurant was set. The latest branch serves as a tribute to our country’s legendary leader, former president & freedom fighter, Mr Nelson Rolihlala Mandela.  “Libertà” (meaning “freedom”) seemed a rather fitting name. Memorabilia of a young Madiba lines the walls, along with an iconic, black & white painting of the great man. The restaurant has a buzzy energy about it. Why wouldn’t it? Especially as it is dedicated to such an icon.




Remo’s has always had a reputation for great restaurant decor, bubbly, knowledgeable staff & most importantly, good, hearty Italian food. Libertà sticks to that current Remo’s trend as  tasty food seems to leave the kitchen with ease. Pizza, antipasti boards, pasta – all the great Italian things you would expect from a great Italian restaurant. An impressive bar sits pretty in the centre of the restaurant – basically, order almost anything you can think of. It also makes for a new, vibey, after-work spot to grab a sneaky cocktail or beer or glass of vino.








Finally, Sandton City has a restaurant that doesn’t cater solely for tourists. That has some soul & isn’t just a cardboard box serving mediocre (if that) food. If you’ve experienced Remo’s at their Waterfall branch & loved it, try Libertà, you’ll be just as impressed. If you have yet to try Remo’s… Well you can go ahead & indulge in some Italian nibbles as of today – they open to the public (30 November, 2015).

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