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Rainy Day In Cape Town? Take The Kids To The New Bootlegger Coffee Company At The Two Oceans Aquarium.

January 31, 2020

Cape Town is just the best. Until it starts to rain and you have kids that require entertaining. It’s the type of rain that can really drag for days. Oh stop the boredom madness! Please. I’m pretty sure that the whole of Cape Town flocks to the Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront. Scratch that, I know for sure that this is the case and quite frankly, I don’t blame every single parent for doing it – entertainment sorted for two hours. BUT. For those who need an alternative, for those parents (all of them) who require a massive dose of caffeine on the daily, rainy days in particular… Say hello to your new BFF. Bootlegger Coffee Company at the Two Oceans Aquarium!

Yes, yes you read that correctly, there is now a Bootlegger Coffee Company within the Two Oceans Aquarium and best of all they have a super soft play kids area too. Besides the fabulousness of that last sentence, they open early, like really early, like 07:30am early – so the kids can play, mom and dad can caffeinate, a breakfast can be eaten, all before hitting the Two Oceans Aquarium at 09:00am sharp.

The play area is also equipped with a climbing wall for the bigger kids. Naturally, the ideal scenario is to get there incredibly early to secure a table right in front of the play area. There are views of the harbour to the right and I have to say, I’m not sure if it’s just because this Bootlegger is still fairly new… but the play area is really clean. There are also plenty of white high chairs available (and again, clean) for the little ones who require them. A short and concise kids menu is offer – think of the usuals, scrambled egg and toast, banana bread, babychinos. A tub of crayons comes with the menu for the tinies to colour in (there are printed wild animals on the menus, choose from an elephant, buffalo or rhino).

Time for some sustenance before all the fish sight-seeing. I went for my staple; two medium poached eggs, two slices of crisp rye toast. The eggs were cooked well, the toast was crisp, the butter was cold, I just felt the plate was a biiiiiiit too large for the food size portion. I did add a generous splash of Bootlegger’s own smoky hot sauce to the eggs – lovely. Nic ordered a Polenta Porridge (fancy word for pap porridge?). It looked rich and creamy though and was eaten before I could snap a pic. The kids had scrambled egg on toast. Mamma (me) downed two flat whites – good coffee, as always.

The decor is the same as any other Bootlegger franchise but I do love their neon signs that are individual to each store. The black and white tiles really pop and one instantly gets that Bootlegger vibe.

We’ve been to this branch two times already and will deeeeefffffiinitely be adding more trips to those figuers. So if you need to kill a few hours on a rainy Cape Town day, head to the Two Oceans Aquarium and stop at the Bootlegger either on the way in or out.

Happy Coffee Time x 

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