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Pasta Café. More Like Pasta Passion.

December 13, 2015

If pasta of the fresh variety is your thing but you couldn’t be asked to make the stuff yourself. No worries, the fairly new Pasta Café, situated in Randburg, will be your new foodie haunt. Martin, chef of Pasta Café, has a spot that focuses on fresh & seasonal ingredients & plates of pasta that show the quality of his much loved food. The interior also sports a more eco-focused vibe, with reclaimed wood on the walls & tables made from recycled elements.

Pasta Cafe 3

Pasta Cafe 1

The menu is basically yours to do with as you like. You choose your pasta (linguine, penne, spaghetti). Choose your sauce & ingredients (there is a big push towards a more vegetarian selection). And there you have it, plates of pasta that arrive steaming & accompanied with jars of fresh garlic & chili.

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Of course classics such as Bolognese, Alfredo & Lasagne are all present. But the appeal of the restaurant is that you can create your own pasta plate, as mentioned above. Diners are able to see exactly what’s happening in the kitchen, where things are flaming, pasta is being rolled & sauces & ingredients are combined to create exactly what your palette enjoys.

Pasta Cafe 2

We sampled three different pasta varieties all in a classic Napolitana sauce…

* Lamb & Thyme Agnolotti – this was my favourite. A stuffed pasta, with that lamb & thyme filling, covered in sauce.

* Marinara – Plump prawns, mussels & calamari that wasn’t chewy or rubbery

* Carciofi (artichokes), with olives – worked really well with the sauce. I picked up hints of something zesty in there as well. Yum.

Pasta Cafe 4

Pasta Café’s catch-phrase is “Just Like My Nonna’s”… I’ve never had a Nonna but for those wanting to get a piece of Nonna cooking action… well now, the crew at Pasta Café might just give you one or two pasta making tips, if you ask really nicely.

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Where? >> Appletons Village, Malibongwe Drive, Randburg, Jhb

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