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Immigrating To Pretoria – The Hazel Food Market Made Me Do It

June 24, 2013

OK maybe that header is slightly misleading… I’m still trotting about Jozi in my high tops – sorry Joburg – you’re stuck with me a while longer. Saturday was some kind of mega frantic day. I even bailed on boxing boet *that possibly had something to do with a tequila or two or three at @FoundryCafe on Friday night – sigh*. I already put myself on the naughty step for that one…

So as I mentioned, I skipped my beloved boxing (first & last time) & had a date with my best Pretoria pop – the lovely Alida. We were off to the Solstice Beer Fest later that day but Leeds quickly pointed out that there’s always time for a spot of food market’ing… Oh alright, go on then. Hazel Food Market – hello you mooi Afrikaans ding!

So much to see, so much Afrikaans to hear (I love it – I could totally show off my Taal tendencies – ja!). Stall after stall of deliciousness, I wanted to immigrate to PTA, uh huh, Blou Bulle & all…

So why, why did Hazel Food Market have such a hold over me?




  1. All the Afrikaans wafting about. Just Yes.
  2. The hot hipster burger man at the local burger stall. Just Yes.
  3. Fried pastry, spicy mince delights – I inhaled my pie in about 2 minutes, who needs to chew right? Just Yes.
  4. The spice man who took me for a ride & got me to spend loads of cash moneys on spice… curry for life yes? Just Maybe.
  5. Farm fresh, free-range eggs the size of my face – double yolks. Oh. Yeah. We’re playing with the big boys now. Always Yes.

I desperately tried to find a boere seun to propose before we left… It didn’t happen but Leeds said that perhaps I just need a tad more practice & market milling. I guess so… Until then, I’ll just grab my passport for weekly visits to the PTA.


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