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The Gardener’s Cottage In Newlands.

February 4, 2020

It’s Saturday morning, the weather is good, the kids are fairly snottiness-free (thanks school germs), we all had a pretty decent nights sleep. The usual question of “what should we do today?” is bound to pop up. Hold on, wait for it, wait for it… Yup, there it is. Now wait just a damn minute because when children are involved, especially young children, the days are long and they must, they MUST be broken into sections (for the sanity to remain in tact). The correct way to phrase that question would be, “what are we doing this morning?’. THIS MORNING. An entire morning to fill, which requires feeding two small ones & finding a spot that won’t evict us if they spontaneously erupt into tears. Places like that exist in the Southern Suburbs. The Burbs were bred for child-rearing life. That’s that then, we were off to Newlands, to The Gardener’s Cottage, of course.

We’d been up since Sparrow’s Fart so we figured we’d get there early. The Gardener’s Cottage opens at 08:30, we planned to arrive at about 08:45 and we thought getting a table wouldn’t be a problem because – EARLY. Nope, oh nope, the Southern Suburb folk clearly like to be at places early. We were told we could take a table but that it was reserved and we would have to have our bill paid and be ready to leave by 10:30. We were grateful for the table as I didn’t feel like gathering the kids back into the car. It honestly felt like every person in Newlands was headed to the cottage, it was rather amazing, people just kept flocking in.

The ordering had to be done quickly. I sorted that out while Nic herded Ash and Romes to the little wooden play area. It’s super sweet and SO nice not to have to look at bright plastic things for a change.  But I’ll get to that in a bit, back to the ordering. A drinks menu was already present – The Gardener’s Cottage is fully licensed and they have a generous wine listing, comprising of a selection choices of each within the various wine categories. Commercial and craft beers are available, as well as a selection of coffees, tea and soft drinks. “One flat white please”, sweet, sweet caffeine. Nic wanted water – they serve bottles of Air Water, which I think is water collected from the air (clever Leila, clever) – I’ll need to do some proper research into that type of purification method. Ash had a great week at school, getting back into his routine with all of his extra murals, so he was allowed to have a small kiddies chocolate milkshake as a treat. It was super tasty, just a pity they brought it to us in a take-away style plastic container with lid and straw. I understand the thinking behind it – kids drop glass but perhaps a re-usable plastic vessel would have been better – with a paper straw, or none, we carry our own reusable, eco-friendly straws around with us. Onto breakfast things…


Nic went for his usual – Eggs Benedict, with the option of salmon, except on the bill, it read as Eggs Royale. Served with thick toasted triangles of bread as opposed to the regular English Muffin. Eggs Bennie are NEVER my choice – but it looked pretty tasty. I decided to go full out (I was battling a bit of a cold, so you know, feed a cold, starve a fever. Or is it the other way round?) – the Breakfast On Toast was my choice. Basically, I’d say this is like any other breakfast plate, except it’s all served on the slices of farmstyle bread (toast) – clever little menu trickery there, clever. Two eggs as you fancy (I went with medium poached – you should know this by now), some grilled bacon and you then have the choice of either a pork banger or some boerewors. I went with the porkie and tbh some baked beans would have been an excellent addition. Ash and Romes had a portion of the kids scrambled egg, pork sausage and toast – the toast arrives in a very cottage-inspired toast basket, consisting of butter, marmalade and some jam.



The food was devoured quickly because we were on a tight table deadline and because my Buns wanted to get back to the wooden animals and the sweetest little wooden tractor. As mentioned above – this little play area was easy on the eye, with not a single bright colour in sight. Make a note to book ahead within the week and ask for a table right next to the play area.

The inside of The Gardener’s Cottage also has seating but it was such a lovely morning, the outside area was the main place to be. Coffee machines and baristas were working over time inside and “The Store” as the inside area is known, is crammed with loads of homemade sweet treats to eat there or take home. Homemade rusks, slices, biscuits, mini lemon meringue tarts are all available inside – don’t forget to gab something to take with.

Things to remember when visiting The Gardener’s Cottage:

  • Book a table for breakfast (08:30 – 11:30)
  • Get there early if you feel like taking a chance or forgot to book
  • They’re also open for lunch from 13:00 – 15:00
  • Closed on a Monday
  • Situated in the Montebello Design Centre
  • Follow their Facebook page here

Happy Eating Under 200 year old camphor trees x 


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