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Food *Truckkery* – Jozi Likes Parking Lots

November 27, 2013

Yesterday was chaos. Meetings for days, I was trying so hard to live up to my freelancing stereotype (I did) – winning. Heading towards Parkview to that Croft & Co spot in the CA car – the heat guys, the Jozi heat. I needed food. Tempted to stop at the Woolies for one of those chicken fillet snack packs. But the stop & go at robots were causing grief – get in the naughty corner yo. I decided to ditch the chicken idea & head straight to said destination. But then, just then, when I needed a hero in my life, some sort of miracle, it happened…




Driving past Foundry I spotted this sexy specimen. Almost like he was sent for me, just waiting on that street corner…  Food truck – where’d you come from? Were you trucked (get it? cheap attempts I know) from Slaapstad?! No… No of course you weren’t because Jozi is on fire & is finally playing catch-up with food truckkery – 5 Star Street Chef is the newest baba… It was their second day of trading in the Parktown North lot…



To break it down quickly:

Chow Time:

  • Chicken or Beef (Burgers) with ribs every so often.
  • Cash money only – fourty-five rond will get you either of the above
  • Beef burger had some sort of vegetable pickle on it – kinda kimchi – but not.


  • Rad – staff so friendly.
  • Hipster types mill about or simply collect & go & wander back to their creative agencies.
  • Others rock up in vehicles, get out, order, get back in, get out, collect & drive off.
  • Eating street style, with your arse on the pavement adds to the authenticity of it all. How very New York. If you’re wearing a pair of Cons & your wayfarers are all sparkly like – you’re winning guy, you’re winning.

But Where & When?

  • Parking lot across the road from Foundry. Pay attention.
  • Weekday trade – from 11:30 for lunchtime feeds.

Not sure where they move around (I was in a rush) but check them on the Tweetah @5Star_chef to listen to their daily vibe.

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