Flower Cones. Floaty White Roses & Rosemary.

December 18, 2015

Every now and then we just need something pretty. Something pretty to look at. Something pretty to make. Something pretty easy. My good friend & colleague, Dylan, who happens to be the most incredible photographer, decided it was time we did a little PTS shoot. Ummm, yes, thank you, definitely.

I have the most beautiful floaty, white roses growing in my garden. I also have a bush of rosemary. I had also been playing around with the leftovers from past shoots that needed rescuing from my kitchen cupboards. Floaty white roses & sprigs of rosemary  were heading to a friend of mine (everybody deserves floaty, white roses & rosemary). I wanted an easy, yet pretty, yet different transportation device. The flower cone was born.


I could see this as a little gift on each plate at a dinner party, or some sort of wedding favour. My idea was as a transportation device. You choose how best to use it.

Floaty white roses. Brown paper. Washi tape. Scissors. Sugar cones. Twine. Rosemary.

Thank you for the gorgeous picture, Dylan. Take a look at his site here (talent) >>


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