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Flava & Co. Meal Kits – Just What Johannesburg Needed.

March 22, 2019

So, I’m back in the land of the (blog) living and it feels good, Oh So Good to be writing again after some time away. I had heard about a new meal kit company that was starting up (I have inside info due to the line of work I’m in) and wanted to do a post a good few months back because I simply adored the Flava (&) Co(mbos). But then my baby decided to arrive an entire month early and, well, life happened. Anyway. Back to the food discussion…

What is Flava & Co. all about? It’s the food company that makes things a little easier for those with busy lives to enjoy nourishing and wholesome food at home, without compromising on quality or taste! As I mentioned earlier, I think that Flava & Co. have some of the most interesting flavour combinations and meal varieties in the meal kit market at the moment. The food photography and food styling are also spot on. Clean, simple and eye-catching. So who is behind this new super brand taking the South African Meal Kit market by storm?

Flava & Co. is a collaboration between ex-corporate and foodie Jeanie Erickson, and intrepid chef Dee Gullan (owner of D.KOS Unique Culinary Experience) both of whom are passionate about creating food that is not only fresh and full of flavor, but is also convenient and simple to prepare. “Our ‘out of the box’ ideas aim to create an exciting culinary experience for all to enjoy. We are always on the lookout for the best farm fresh produce; both free range and organic and we are dedicated to supporting local producers and nurturing artisanal and sustainable methods”.

The Flava meals  have been thoughtfully designed to help you prepare delicious meals to share with those you love. Make your selection online and the kits are delivered with pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards. The ordering process is simple and all done online from a regularly updated selection (including vegan and vegetarian options too) before 2pm each Thursday. Deliveries to your door arrive the following Tuesday. Delivery is free for orders over R500. Meal prep for the week – sorted! Oh, but wait, did I forget to mention that Flava & Co. also have delicious Frozen Flava meals available too? Well, they do, that and wine. YES! You can even add a gorgeous bottle of wine to accompany those fabbie kits – yay!

*Added bonus (yes, there’s more, you are now able to purchase Flava & Co. vouchers via their site – the perfect foodie gift).

At present Flava & Co. cater solely to the greater JHB area, and Pretoria too, but they hope to expand their business to other locations in South Africa soon. For more gorgeous images of super delicious meals, follow them on IG, here.

Happy Meal Kit Cooking x 

*All images supplied*

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