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April 8, 2013
My love for Joburg seems to grow a little more after every creative outing. Many of the Capetonian friends don’t understand this. How could I possibly have changed from being the most patriotic Capie ever to this free-spirited Joburger who just potters about? Well I grew up & accepted this city that has cuddled me with open arms. I will say it – I *heart* Joburg. Obviously I still *heart* Cape Town very much but there is room for two in this spot *points to chest*. The Collective @collectivejhb just sealed the Joburg deal for me with a big red vintage stamp…

Maximising on space is a biggie in the Joburg. Maximising on space that acts as a gathering point for creative individuals who love frolicking within urban concrete jungle land – well that would be delightful. This is why we say hello to The Collective – a collaboration between designers & collectors who gather under one roof for an alternative, monthly pop-up shop. Nice – I like this so much. & right around the corner from my house – even more of a score.

Stairway to heaven.

The Collective sits pretty in the heart of Kramerville, a little industrial design paradise. Fabric, ceramic, furniture & design shops create their own little hub of creative delight within the week. Naturally this would be home to The Collective, naturally.

Collective takes place on the first Sunday of the month. Pick & choose your way through local & international clothing designers, ceramics, jewellery, vintage clothing, fabric makers & more. Get your creative / hipster / Indie vibe on. Revel in the sunshine, look up at the roof that has precious little heart paper cut-outs hanging all about & understand that Joburg most certainly sets the tone for the creative life in Saffa. Oh yes it does.



Foraging for vintage.

Find a hipster. Make friends.

All the extra stuff…

But when, when can I get my creative on? First Sunday of the month – 10:00 – 16:00

I need an address to punch into the GPS! The rooftop, 3 Desmond Street, Kramerville, Joburg.

Squizz about on the FB here or follow on the Twitter *look above*

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