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Trips, Stays & Weekends Away

Trips, Stays & Weekends Away

Weekends Away: Hawksmoor House

A weekend away, is there anything better to help restore body and mind? Nic and I had yet to take a trip since becoming parents (our little boy is already two and a half years old). But that’s where fabulous grandparents come in. We…

August 28, 2017
Trips, Stays & Weekends Away

Instawalking Made Better By The Forum Company

About three weeks ago an invite landed in my inbox. I scanned it quickly, as always, looking for keywords that would peek my interest. “Instawalk”. But not just any Instawalk. A food related walk-about, hosted by the always delightful, The Forum Company. How lovely,…

October 19, 2015
Trips, Stays & Weekends Away

“We Aren’t In Joburg Anymore”.

A second long weekend. Bad for business. Good for overall sanity. The eastern Free State was calling, it had been for a while. Clarens… Three hours in a car with another person. This was either going to be the best weekend or a very…

April 29, 2014