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When You Buy One, You Feed One With Pesto Princess & Ladles Of Love

July 3, 2018

If the rainy (& snowy!) season is your excuse to consume the perfect Winter meal that is soup, well, I have news that will get your taste buds really, really, really excited. Apart from the delicious factor, a super worthy cause will be benefitting from the increased soup consumption. Everybodys favourite local pesto brand, Pesto Princess, is making sure their soup plays a part in donating towards Ladles Of Love with their #SpruceYourSoup campaign.

So How Does It Work
For every Pesto Princess soup sold, Pesto Princess will contribute towards a nourishing hot meal for a homeless person living on the streets. The soup kitchens are impeccably managed by the amazing team at Ladles of Love, along with their army of volunteers (you can become a volunteer too, it’s easy, just take a read over here).

Simply put, when you Buy One, you Feed One.

Apart from all of the delicious soup eating, make sure you do your part this Winter by supporting this worthy cause, I know I will. The Pesto Princess range of soups are available at both SPAR & Wellness Warehouse stores within the greater Western Cape aree. And yes, they’re usually next to the pesto, pastes & hummus section – of course. *Images supplied – photography by Michelle Parkin*

Happy Soup Days x 

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