I don’t bake that often but when I do I make sure it counts. Are you one of those foodies who has each and every international food day saved to your calendar? If you are, you’ll know that World Plant Milk Day is happening this month, the 22nd of August, to be precise. I love, love, love me an almond milk coffee and usually have a carton of it in my pantry cupboard. As much as Almond Milk Coffee is super delicious, I couldn’t finish an entire milk carton of the stuff and I more often than not use the surplus for baking. This particular Chocolate, Banana and Peanut Butter Loaf is always a winner. As always, I popped down to Food Lover’s Market – they have a great selection of Plant Milks: Coconut Milk, Rice Milk, Unsweetened Almond Milk. They also carry a range of nut butters which make this cake even more decadent (but regular peanut butter is just as delicious!).